Water damage restoration , extraction , cleanup and repair at reasonable costs

24/7 Live Phone Support not routed through nationwide  sub -contracted call centers like the corporate and heavily commercialized water restoration companies. Receive a local based and locally served response within 90 minutes in most cases.

Immediate Action

Time is NOT on your side with water damage. The longer the inaction time the more damage will occur resulting in a higher loss to your home or business.

8 tips to reduce damage before our team arrives

1)    STOP the water flow if it is safe to do so
2)    REMOVE as much water as possible
3)    RELOCATE as many valuables sensitive to moisture to dry area as possible
4)    RELOCATE as many non-fixed/loose items like blankets ,  pillows and rugs to dry area
5)    OPEN drawers ,  cabinets ,  doors , remove curtains , and towel dry hard surface items and furniture as much as possible
6)    TURN ON air conditioning/heating if it is safe to do so and water has not entered system
7)    ELEVATE as much furniture and other items away from water using wood blocks , aluminum foil , wax paper or any water resistant items if possible
8)    USE any type of air circulation items you may have such as fans and ceiling fans

 We reduce the loss to your home or business

Best Carpet Cleaning Services, LLC reduces damage cost and additional operating/living expenses via a rapid response and using established drying methodology to minimize structural damage  and  system repairs. The correct amount and type of drying equipment is essential. Our teams also minimize secondary moisture problems by quarantine and isolating unaffected areas and property. Rapid and decisive action prevents the growth of mold ,  mildew , fungi , bacteria and other harmful organisms.

Water damage mitigation process

  • Emergency Response 24/7/365
  • Thorough evaluation utilizing moisture detection and moisture flow mapping
  • Water removal/extraction
  • Flooring assessment to determine best drying method
  • Ventilating of wall cavities
  • Removal of drywall if necessary
  • Anti-microbial treatment of affected areas
  • Determination of best equipment and drying process to reduce loss
  • Complete set up of all equipment
  • Monitoring of drying process daily with adding and removing equipment as needed

Best Carpet Cleaning Services, LLC saves you time and money

  • We reduce construction repairs
  • We reduce damage to personal property
  • We increase the chance of saving cabinets
  • We increase the chance of saving wood flooring
  • We evaluate and restore water affected belongings
  • We prevent secondary damage
  • We protect un-affected areas from humidity damage
  • We protect Health/property by potential growth reduction of bacteria ,  mildew and fungi
  • We reduce additional living expenses by expediting emergency services