Lets face it Tile is every where and for good reason too, its one of the most durable surfaces on the planet. Man made tile is most common here in Texas. Tile is held together by grout (a calcite mineral blend mixed with sand and cement) to create a binding material between tiles. Grout has millions of pores and capillaries. Over time contaminates will find their way into these pores and capillaries. Contaminates travel down through the grout at a steady rate of 1mil. per year. The best chemicals in the world are only going to penetrate about 5 mils deep. Grout manufacturers recommend professionally cleaning your grout every 2-3 years. You have a max of 5 years before contaminates are too deep to extract. If you have waited longer than 5 years, you will need an acid wash to chemically etch the grout, removing a very thin layer of grout. This acid wash process allows us to reach the deeper contaminates. Tile and grout has incredible longevity when proper maintenance efforts are being enforced.

What to Expect

  1. Upon the arrival of Best Carpet Cleaning Services, LLC trained technician. We will…
  2. Examine the tile and grout.
  3. Test to determine if the tile is water soluble or acid sensitive.
  4. Pre vacuum.
  5. Apply our premier alkaline cleaning solution.
  6. Pre scrub the grout lines to suspend the contaminates.
  7. Use our powerful high pressure extraction system.
  8. Perform acid wash if required.
  9. Evacuate all residual rinse water from floor.
  10. Dry floor with axial fans.
  11. Apply grout sealer if requested

Best Carpet Cleaning Services, LLC offers 3 different grout sealers to protect your floor from contaminates and staining. We highly recommend sealing the grout after cleaning. Your floor is just too valuable to risk.

  1. Aqua Seal is a water based clear sealer. Penetrating formula is reapplied after every cleaning.
  2. Solvent Seal is a solvent based penetrating sealer has a 15 year life expectancy. “Our Favorite”
  3. Color Seal is a pigmented acrylic sealer that offers 2000+ color choices. Has a 15 year life expectancy. Changes the surface of the grout from a grainy porous surface to a beautiful smooth & easy to clean surface.

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