The method we use at Best Carpet Cleaning Services, LLC in our upholstery cleaning are very much like the one we use to clean carpets, and it achieves the same sparkling clean end results. Our exact steps in this process are as follows:

Our first step towards making your upholstered furniture look brand new and soil free is to do a thorough inspection. We look for any problem areas or stains that may be tougher to get out. If we find any of these areas, we treat them accordingly so that they will come out easily with the rest of our process.

The second step in our method is to pre-condition your furniture with an emulsifier, which will loosen up soils and stains contained within the fabric.

Step three is to use a clean, soft water rinse to pull out all of the detergents we used previously in the upholstery cleaning process, as well as anything else that might be contained within the fabric of your furniture. Things like dirt, oils, pet dander, dust mites, and all other allergens will be gently removed from your fabric and padding so that it is left feeling soft and smelling fresh.

The process we use in our upholstery cleaning does not over wet the fabric. In fact, once we have finished, it usually only takes about an hour for the furniture to become completely dry again, not four or more hours like some other methods of upholstery cleaning!

Once we have finish cleaning your furniture, we can also apply stainguard if you so desire. This will help to protect the fabric from future soils and stains, as well as extend the life of your furniture. In the long run, stainguard protection can actually end up saving you money with the protection it affords your furniture.

For absolutely clean, fresh smelling, protected furniture, give us a call today. We look forward to offering you a free estimate and getting to work making your furniture look new again.

Yes , we do auto upholstery also!

Our Simple Pricing

*Sofa/Loveseat/Chair= $78.95 – $98.95
*Sectionals = $129- $189.00
*Ottoman = $33.00!

*Mattress Cleaning Pricing: Twin = $48.95 and increasing in $10 increments for larger sizes ( Twin, Full, Queen, King, California King)

Anti-Microbial Treatment = Free Estimates
Pet Urine Enzyme Treatment = Free Estimates
Stainguard (Du Pont Teflon Advanced) = Free Estimates

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*Pending Inspection by technicians.