We offer a wide range of carpet service packages on a per room basis with no misleading “bronze, silver and platinum packages” like our commercialized competitors. We also allow our customers to interchange options per room because we recognize all rooms are not utilized equally.

**We are now offering simple rate plans and promotional rates for the entire Dallas/Ft. Worth Metroplex!

ONLY $33 per room through New Years Day and 2019! (Up to 150 sq ft)

Includes Deodorizer and FiberRinse to leave carpeting fresh and residue free….all aspects to these services other companies charge for!

(Commercial Carpeting requires an onsite assessment for accurate pricing)

  • *Hallways = FREE!
  • *Stairs = $33
  • *Closets = FREE!
  • *Rugs = $48.95 and up

Anti-Microbial Treatment = Free Estimates
Pet Urine Ezyme Treatment = Free Estimates
Stainguard (Du Pont Teflon Advanced) Application = Free Estimates

CALL NOW TO SCHEDULE! (214) 828-0751

**Limited scheduling available due to higher than anticipated demand. We apologize for the inconvenience.
*Pending inspection by technicians. Hallways free under 10′. Walk In closets require additional fee as well as closets exceeding 3 in total. Pre-Treatment if necessary or requested available for additional fees. Rug Cleaning rates apply to onsite cleaning if not a natural and/or exotic specialty rug, space is available, clear of obstruction and on a surface that is not prone to scratching and is water resistant.